NetBench Run Rules

How do I run NetBench?

-Install all required software
-Install the NetBench controller software on one client
-Install the NetBench client software on all clients
-Compile a linux kernel
-Optional: Install Cygwin on all clients

Reboot the Clients and Server

-On the Server, run the script to reboot all clients (requires rsh on all clients)
-On the Server, run /sbin/reboot

Test Prep

-On the server, run
-On the controller client, start the netbench contoller program and select "client login"
-On the controller client, open a bash shell and run
-If you want to affinitize smbd processes to processors, on the server, run
-On the server, run

Test Execution

-On the client controller, select OK to finish client login
-Select yes to open a test suite
-Pick a test suite
-When prompted to start the test, select YES

Data Archive

-Once the test has completed, stop the script with controll-c
-On the controller client, exit the controller software, and pick TERMINATE when prompted
-Copy the test results, usually in C:\Netbench\Controller\Results, to the server under /var/netbench/results/testdata/netbench -On the Server, run
-On the Server, run

Generate Results

-To Generate NetBench results, start the controller program and select view->results
-NetBench will generate a Excel spreadsheet for the test suite